B 5. Demystifying Private Sector Evaluations

Raghavan  Narayanan
  • Presenter: Raghavan Narayanan
  • Date: 21-Oct-2019

B 5. Demystifying Private Sector Evaluations

Trainer: Raghavan Narayanan
Level: Beginning/Intermediate
Language: English 

Workshop description:

The workshop will start with a presentation on methodologies used in private sector evaluation, whereby a double bottom line needs to be reviewed and compare them with public sector evaluation methodologies and practices. In this respect, more than 20 years of experience in developing good practice standards in the Evaluation Cooperation Group (ECG) 1 will be presented. To make the workshop as interactive with the participants as possible, two case studies will be presented. The main themes of the case studies will be the evaluation of financial intermediaries and evaluating direct equity investments. As learning from experience is one of the main features of development evaluation, the workshop will present adaptive learning as institutional strategy. The interaction with the participants on the importance of learning from experience and the use of lessons learned can help them with institutional learning in their own institutions.

Let’s start with Why? Why should we care about the Private Sector?

How should we think and evaluate Private Sector operations and treat Private Sector interventions?

Brief History of Time:  20 years of progress in Private Sector Evaluation Methodology
Presentation based in part on developing good practice standards

Evaluating Financial Intermediary (FI) – Why is FI different? How is FI different?
Case Study 1: with break-out groups to enhance learning on private sector evaluation methodology

Evaluating direct equity investments – Why is equity different from loans?
Case Study 2: with break-out groups to enhance learning on private sector evaluation methodology

Brief Peek into the Future: What is an Impact Investment? What are the Emerging trends in Private Sector Development?

Wrap-up session